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15 of the best dialogues from Christopher Nolan’s movies

Christopher Nolan’s is the name that comes up every time we think of some of the most brilliant movies ever made. His exceptionally extraordinary direction, that puts his audience into deep thinking and leaves them awestruck every single time, has gained him a huge fan base. From ‘Following’ till ‘Interstellar’, he has given us some of the most awesome movie experiences ever! The completely unique direction of ‘Memento’, that had our minds bent; the most amazing and epic superhero movie ever made, ‘The Dark Knight’; the super-awesome movie ‘Inception’, that had gotten us all into deep thinking; till the most mind-blowing space-movie ever made, that is, ‘Interstellar’, he’s always had us praising him increasingly.
So, while we wait for his next movie ‘Dunkirk’, set to release in July of this year, let us recall some of the best dialogues from his previous movies.

And now, we eagerly wait for Mr. Nolan to amaze us yet again, in July 2017, with ‘Dunkirk’. 😊

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