7 Reasons To Watch The 7th Season Of Game Of Thrones.

The season 7 of the Game Of Thrones was much awaited by everyone and as soon as the first episode got released on the Monday morning , people went gaga over it.

Game Of Thrones is one particular show which everyone should watch at least once.  You would be amazed by everything in the show.

And, now , if you still doubt your possibility of watching Game Of Thrones, here are the seven fascinating reasons to watch the seventh season of Game Of Thrones.


  1. The Stark family reunion.

Separated since the first season, weak and feeble, but coming back together, stronger than ever!

2.White Walkers getting hold of one of Daenarys’ dragons.

      Winter is definitely consuming one of Khaleesi’s strongest weapons.

3. Cersei is all alone and badass than ever!

‘Enemies to the left, enemies to the right, enemies to the south , enemies to the north.’

4. The Great War between the Living Beings and the Living Dead.

The Winter has finally come!

5. Daenarys’ tryst with Jon Snow.

‘The strongest alliance is to make through marriage’

6. The sixth season ends with an intriguing cliffhanger manifesting Ned Stark’s secret act of selflessness.

7.  ‘Cause baby, it’s Game of Thrones!

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