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An OpenLetter To A BookReader

Dear reader ,

You’ve always found escape in my words. And you’ve found peace too. I knew that we were going to be together for the longest time

We were best of the friends, remember?
Our coffee dates brought us a sense of tranquillity. The solitude and the love we shared for each other saw no bounds.

Erotica, crime-thriller , suspense was not your cup of tea. I somehow got to know that with the elapsing time. But the minute you held me in your hands and started reading me through; was the moment when you had me. However we formed a strong bond thereafter.

Social media might’ve updated you with the world news and the whereabouts of your loved ones. But, all you wanted was peace, right? And I suppose I’ve given you its fair share.

You know , in life everything teaches you something. But, me? I taught you how to elope from the worldly dilemmas. People say ‘you shouldn’t live in these fairy tales’, ‘you shouldn’t believe everything which is written in there’ , ‘make your own story , do not read one’. And let me tell you honestly, they know nothing. Nothing about how sublime this is. How blissful our relationship is.

Now that you’ve valued me enough and given our bond a serious thought, I promise you, one thing; That I’m never going to leave your side, my dear. I’ll find my way to spend time with you in your busy schedule.
Yours lovingly,
Books ,
Happy reading.

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