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Ayesha Takia Does Not Look Like This Anymore. You’d Be Surprised To See Her Now

Back in 2004, the film Tarzan- The Wonder Car made waves at the box office. Both of its leading actors were newcomers. The actor was Vatsal Seth and the actress was Ayesha Takia.

Over the years, she added films like Socha Na Tha, Dor, Salaam-E-Ishq to her resume.


She’s been off the grid after her marriage and only restricted her public appearances for selected TV shows.

Ayesha is now preparing for her comeback to films and is reportedly doing a film called Borivali Ka Bruce Lee. She also shot a music video last December for Amit Mishra which should be out soon.


However when we saw her recently at an event, we almost didn’t recognize her and had to see her twice to make sure it’s the Ayesha Takia we know.

We’re not sure what quite happened here but it’s certainly not how we last saw her.

India Today
India Today


This is not the girl we saw in Tarzan- The Wonder Car, neither is she the actress we saw opposite Salman Khan in Wanted. Speculations about a bad case of plastic surgery are doing the rounds but whatever is the case, we’re kinda surprised to see her.

Ayesha is the mother of 3-year-old Mikhail and wishes to return to acting only if the shooting schedule fits her personal life.


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