Beating The Traffic Troubles by Swimming To Work- A German Man.

There isn’t a single day that goes by in our cities without the people ranting about the difficulty in commutation to work, colleges, etc. We spend 1/3rd time of our days complaining about the traffic , but not a single minute is spent in thinking about the solution to this problem.

While this is what the story is in most parts of the world, there is a man in Munich, Germany, who has come up with a brilliant as well as an exciting way to beat the jam.

Benjamin David, a German man swims 2 km to work every day to avoid traffic, packing his laptop and suit into a waterproof bag. He swims along the Isar river in Munich. When asked about it, he said his way of commuting is faster than driving in traffic. He added, “the traffic on the road next to the Isar is so wild, that it is no fun.”

While his way of avoiding traffic is not feasible for all of us, considering our locations, we all get to learn a lesson from Mr. David, that rather than ranting about our problems, we should get a solution which is not only better, but is also interesting.

Who knows, like him, it might make us famous too! 😉

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