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Bollywood’s Racism : Nawazuddin Siddiqi The New Victim?!

What comes to your mind when you think of actors from Hollywood? Talent, amazing acting skills, reasons of their mixed fan following, etc.

Now be very honest and admit what comes to your mind when you think of actors from Bollywood. I know what 90% of you will think…abs, muscular body, fair looks and maybe acting skills for some of you (those remaining 10%).

This is what Bollywood today has led us into thinking. Every goddamn male actor who now wants to make it into Bollywood does not require the most important criteria: acting skills. NO! All he requires is a ripped body, 6/8 pack abs, fair skin; and every female actor requires a slim figure with fair skin. No requirement of acting talent, folks! And now, even the audience has been used to it. If by chance they see an actor wit neither of the things, they understand that he/she got it because of his/her family member, already in Bollywood.

Amongst all this mess, we get an actor who doesn’t carry the pseudo-necessary requirements of looks, but his acting skills are top notch. Yes, I’m talking about Nawazuddin Siddiqi. This man has set a new high level of acting skills in this industry. But the effect of looks in the industry has been so bad, even he couldn’t be spared from a racist comment.

The casting director of his upcoming film Babumoshai Bandukbaaz, recently tweeted that it was tough to find an actress wanting to work opposite Nawaz because he is  dark-skinned. This is what Nawaz then tweeted in response:

Hats off to you, Mr Siddiqi, for such a hardhitting statement.

What has Bollywood led us to?! Have you never heard of Will Smith? His dark skin never came between his acting skills or the love that we have for him! Ever heard of Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hanks? They don’t carry ripped bodies but are absolutely brilliant in acting. And ever heard of Halle Berry and Kerry Washington? Their dark skin didn’t stop them from being in the list of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses and getting an Oscar nomination. Forget Hollywood, remember our past heroes…none of them carried those ripped bodies but had acting skills far better than actors today.

Come out of this mindset, people! Because this has led boys into wanting girlfriends/partners with slim bodies and fair skin and led girls into wanting guys with muscular bodies.

This so-called forward generation seems to actually having closed and reserved mindsets.

Thank you, Bollywood.


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