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Delhi High School Girls Sexually Assault 7 Year Old. This Is Horrifying And How!

A seven-year-old girl studying in a Government school in Moti Nagar alleged on Saturday that she was sexually assaulted by two senior girls of her school. The case was reported at the local police station by the girl’s parents who also alleged that her child was being drugged during the act.

The victim is being counselled by a local NGO to help ease her trauma and the two accused have been called up by the authorities.

Police added that the girl was being subjected to assaults for three-four months.

Representational Image from iStock
Representational Image from iStock

As per the reports, the senior girls, who are in classes VIII and IX, took her into empty classrooms during lunch breaks or when her classes ended and made her perform obscene acts.


The report further stated that one of the accused girls, who is an adult and studies in Class IX after failing multiple times, has been arrested by the police. The other schoolgirl, a student of Class VIII and a minor, has been apprehended.

A police officer added that while the adult accused has been sent to jail, the minor was produced before a juvenile justice board that sent her to a correction home for girls.

Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images
Representational Image from Getty Images | Daniel Berehulak

The police have filed the case under IPC sections 328 and 34 and the POCSO Act and have termed it a case of ‘Sexual Perversion’.

“In her statement to the police, the girl has alleged that two of her seniors used to take her to a vacant classroom during lunch time and sedate her. They would then sexually assault her,” said a police officer, quoting the girl’s statement.

“The girls would make the victim take off her clothes and do obscene things to them. When she would refuse, they would threaten to harm her.”
Mobile phones of both of the accused students have also been seized where pornographic content were also found.

“They (the accused) have told us that they used to receive pornographic materials from their friends on their phones,” said the officer.

Representational Image from Wikimedia Commons
Representational Image from Wikimedia Commons

Speaking on the possibility of other girls also being targeted by the duo in the school, police said that no other girl was targeted by them.

“We are talking to the school staff to know details. We will also conduct a sensitisation programme at the school,” the officer added.


H/T: Times Of India

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