Did you know about this NGO? You’ll love to hear about it: Ayuda

At some point of time, the government fails to cater to the needs of underprivileged and even don’t provide them with basic amenities. This is the point when an NGO plays a crucial role. One such ngo is our Ayuda Ngo, which operates from VIT University,Vellore. At Ayuda, they believe in working for the upliftment of the people who are not so privileged like us. They have several projects in which their members participate voluntarily.

The members of Ayuda make use of their time during weekends to do all the social work. During that time, they provide education to kids in orphanages, pay visits to old age homes, provide them with basic facilities, conducting medical camps and create awareness about the social issues and much more.

All this work is only possible because of the donations that we receive from fellow students and other organisations.

Impact They Want: 

Most people think that you have to be a social activist to work for the society. But that’s not true. Every individual, especially the youth,  who constitute 65% of the country’s population have a moral responsibility towards the nation.

Even if an individual takes a day off every week or month for the country for which his forefathers fought far it’s worth it.

Even if they sacrifice a part of their resources to help a needy it’s worth living for.


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