Do I Dare?

My younger self-possessed the ability to look at another person with different eyes. When no one believed in their potential I choose to believe. More than that I dared to believe that if I stepped onto cold ice they would be there to hold me.

But now when I’m much older, wiser I often find myself asking do I dare again?

Now this question, which distresses all of my beliefs, forces me to look back on all the memories which left me devastated. This question makes the wicked echoes of the past sound more real than just echoes. Further compelling me to ask again do I dare?

Please don’t take my question as a personal hit on you. It is solely and only because I’ve been there before. That is why I ask do but can I dare?

Can I dare to ask you if you would take out time for us for the relationship that you and I yearn for it to work. Can I dare to ask you if you would be oh so kind and enlighten me on how to be loved.

As I said earlier I’ve gotten older, wiser. I won’t shy away from admitting that in the past I’ve got caught in the illusions of the forever lasting sweet nothings. But like all perfect illusions, I watched it deceive me right in front of my eyes.

So when I say my question is not a personal hit at you. I mean it.

Here I am daring to ask you, will you leave me in the dark or will you draw me to your light? To not get hit later on by your uncertainties I’m staying one step ahead of the time. I dare to ask you will you leave me here standing alone in my shadow or will you draw me to your light?

When it gets dark I dare to ask you would you leave me alone or would you be right here tomorrow. I dare to ask you enlighten me on how to be loved.

So tell me now can I dare?

What do you think?

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