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Everybody On The Internet Is Praising This Boy For Saving The Life Of An Old Woman

Seeing people lying on road, begging, is like a daily norm for everyone in the country. While commoners like us do share empathy with these people and also spare a coin or two sometimes, rarely does anyone of us go beyond our comfort zone to help these people out.

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However, Charan Prasad, a commoner like us, is doing something so uncommon that shows how a small deed can save lives. The young lad from Vizianagaram recently got a phone call where someone informed him of the poor conditions of an old woman living on a road’s side.



He was informed that the lady was living there for nearly two months and did not have any food during the whole time. 

Facebook | Charan Prasad
Facebook | Charan Prasad

Moved by the plight of this old lady, who he now addresses as Grandma, Charan decided to help her right away and went to spot.


He took some food with him and fed the woman from his own hands. 

Facebook | Charan Prasad
Facebook | Charan Prasad


Facebook | Charan Prasad
Facebook | Charan Prasad


The old lady was hiding in corner for two months now and had a hard time walking.

Charan then took her to the hospital for further treatment. 

Facebook | Charan Prasad
Facebook | Charan Prasad


Sharing the incident, Charan wrote on Facebook:

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, getting shared by more than 45,000 people on the social media website, and thousands of people praised the young boy for his initiative.


Charan later took to share on Facebook that his Grandma is recovering and is happy with her health now.


Charan, we need more like you! 

Charan, you inspire thousands and we all take a lesson to help others in need! 



H/T: Indiatimes

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