GGB Social celebrates Parmar day today. VITIANS should know about it.

Every big thing has a small and humble beginning. This is exactly the story of how GGB has evolved from just a group of 4 students to more than 150 active volunteers spread across 3 cities. This change happened due to the sheer will, perseverance and determination of all of our volunteer members who truly care and want to bring about a change in the society.

Amongst all these members, Abhishek Parmar is the one who stands out and is worthy of high credit. It all started the day when few students from VIT University were present at a nearby book store for their needs and suddenly their eyes caught the poor migrant children who were forced to resort to begging so as to make ends meet. Four friends from VIT started their small initiative just to bring about a small change in the problematic society so that this change may affect theirs’ as well as the lives of those migrant children to a large extent.

These children didn’t have any means to get educated and their parents lack of information resulted in them being denied their fundamental right to education. They were bound to follow in the footsteps of their parents as labourers as that was the only world which they were exposed to from the day they were born. The burden of keeping themselves and their families alive would surely have resulted in them permanently resorting to begging as was quite evident to the group of these 4 friends. As a determined effort, these friends started going to the migrant children so that they could teach them and feel satisfied that they were able to affect their lives in a positive way. Abhishek Parmar was one of the most dedicated members of the organisation. This just started as a hobby without any structure of an organisation. These friends encouraged their acquaintances to join this organisation and soon, a proper structure was laid.

Due to some circumstances, Abhishek Parmar passed away and out of respect for his work and dedication, his birthday, the 8th of August is celebrated as Parmar Day. The program in which the migrant children are being taught was renamed as PEP (Parmar Ed Program). This program has evolved from just 4 friends to 5 different volunteers visiting the migrant kids everyday to teach them. Truly Abhishek Parmar deserves this credit and will always live in our hearts and fondly amongst those migrant children in whose lives he brought such a huge change.

In the words of Purusharth Sharma, National Director, GGB, “There is a story which I like to tell everyone, everytime someone joins GGB. In the early days, when we were just a bunch of friends going to teach those kids, looking for more people and resources, not sure whether this will work out or not,  I asked him while coming back from class-“Bro what if this doesn’t work out and we don’t get more people? What will we do?”

And he told me-“ I don’t know this man. But we gave these kids hope. And I cannot take that from them now. So till the time I am here, I am gonna go teach them, and you are coming with me”

He might not be with us today but he will FOREVER  BE IN OUR HEARTS.


“Take a stand and raise your Voice

Come let’s work together with vigor and poise

To bring about a change in this world is our own choice

Lets all be Good Girls and boys!”

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