A headphone jack added to iPhone 7 by an American Engineer. But, how did he do that?

An American engineer from Silicon Valley, Mr Scotty Allen, created an iPhone from the scratch, and the internet went crazy about it. Collecting recycled and refurbished parts of old used iPhones, from the streets of Shenzen, China, Scotty built a like-new iPhone 6s with a storage of 16GB and priced at less than half of that of the one built by Apple Inc.

So, the quest of building an iPhone right from scratch began when someone mentioned that they wondered whether a smartphone can be built from parts in the market. Fancied by this particular doubt of his acquaintance, he started diving into the depths of how everything works in the smartphone building industry. It took him nine months to gain the appropriate amount of knowledge to complete his task, and then, he started.


Mr Scotty Allen completed his task, and, by doing so, he showed the entire world that curiosity and thirst for knowledge knows no bounds, and one can achieve virtually anything, but only through sheer dedication and perseverance.

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