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Here’s A Parody Of A Parody Of Dhinchak Singing!

‘Swag’, ‘Daaru’, ‘selfie’ and ‘scooter’. Rings a bell?

Yes, my dear readers, I’m talking about our very own, queen of cringing songs, Dhinchak Pooja! As annoying as she has been with her singing, more annoying has been the hype that people created! Every other meme page has been making a meme on her, making parody videos and what not! Seeing these, people, curious as we are, watch her videos. All this, while it happens because of the meme pages, they themselves then ask the question, “How does she get so many views?!”

Yeah, right.

Now, just when we thought the cringe was over after the scooter-shooter, a YouTube channel makes an EVEN more cringe-worthy video. The irony is that the parody feels bad to watch. Take a look.

What do you think?

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