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‘Ladies out there to takeover Bollywood with Lipstick Under Their Burkha’

Let me ask you ,
What is a female centric film?
A female centric film is the one which includes women-centered
narratives, female protagonists and is designed to appeal to a female audience. A film with no
“hero”. The concept of such films has been brought into Bollywood long time back when director
Late Mr. Mehboob Khan made a film by the title ‘Mother India’.
Female centric films have been gaining a lot of attention in India in recent times. One such film is
‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ which was released on 21​ of July, 2017. This film has been directed
by Ms. Alankrita Shrivastava.
The story includes 4 protagonist residing in the same neighborhood. Heading from different
cultural background and age group , they are acquainted with each other. Talking of the aura of
each character , it is unique. the story has been narrated in the point of view of the eldest
character played by Ratna Pathak Shah.
Towards the end everyone having their own fuss to handle , lives under the same roof. The
highlight of this movie is it’s realistic portrayal. Unlike other star-studded and high-budget movies , ‘Lipstick Under My
Burkha‘ has the pragmatic essence. One could easily relate to anyone of the four character and take a look
into your life on the big-screen.
Cheating,cruelty,patriarchy,dominancy are few of the issues which women have to fight for in day
to day life. But giving up on those isn’t an option. Despite of society’s judgmental mindset,
women come out to create wonders.
They come out to play different roles in your life.
They come out like a ‘Lipstick’ Under Your Burkha.
Classy , Sassy and Dangerous.

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