Let’s look at how promising is the new trailer of Justice League!

The Warner Bros. just dropped a new trailer for Justice League. This is the final trailer and seems more promising than ever. The previous trailer left everyone biting their teeth and jumping off their seats when the last scene showed Alfred Pennyworth talking to an unknown entity, saying, “They said you’d come. Let’s just hope you’re not too late”, and later screen flashing the message ‘ALL IN’.

While ‘Batman V Superman: The Dawn Of Justice’ gave us the tragic death of Superman, it later ended with a major cliffhanger, where we saw the dust bouncing a bit, off Superman’s coffin. This gave us all a new hope. Since then, there have been a lot of fan theories about the return of Superman, that he might return evil, with a black suit and what not. Later, when the Justice League trailers started dropping, we never saw a single glimpse of him, until this new one, where he appears as Clarke Kent in Lois Lane’s dream. This means he might just be there. After all, there’s no Justice League without Superman. Also with the previous trailer displaying the message ‘ALL IN’, it adds up to the hope that not only Superman but also Green Lantern might show up.

The fans are now super-hyped for the movie. With Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller portraying amazing roles as Aquaman and Flash, respectively, the movie just might be another hit in DC’s list after Wonder Woman.

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