Now , let’s hear about the story from Hritik’s side!

It’s been long since the Hritik-Kangana controversy has been going on. Not only has it got annoying but also cringy. The people who used to be interested in such gossips had also taken their minds away from it, until, Kangana Ranaut’s supreme confessions in ‘Aap ki Adalat’, about her affair with Hritik. This got her major support from the public and now, Hritik needed a major comeback to regain his side of support. So since, Kangana decided to open up in front of one of the best journalist-cum-host of the Hindi news network, Mr Rajat Sharma, Hritik had to now present just as better. So he decided to let out his side of story in front of the best journalist-cum-host of the English news network in India, Mr Arnab Goswami.

Appearing on the program ‘Nation Wants to Know’, on Arnab’s own channel, Republic,  he presented a lot of points. Starting from the infamous mails to right upto admitting that he doesn’t see himself as a victim. While Kangana had cleared her side in ‘Aap ki Adalat’, about the mails, saying he was making false accusations about them, Hritik here confessed to have received the mails from her, and some of them being ‘explicit’, in his own words.

Also, after Kangana’s sister Rangoli had got involved in the scenario, tweeting in favour of Kangana, Hritik made a clear point in this ‘talk’ with Arnab, that he had called up Sajid Nadiadwala who was then shooting with Kangana, that he’d send his manager to talk to Kangana and Rangoli about the mails and find a peaceful solution, but he was denied the meet. With so many celebrities getting involved this controversy has only got more complicated than ever. Wanna hear whole of Hritik’s side of story in his own words?

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