An Open Letter To The Dreamers.

Dear Dreamers,

No, I’m not addressing the ‘metaphorical dreamers’.

I’m addressing the people who work on their subconscious, who let their energy flow through their half-awaken sleep state, to think. This is to the people who love dreaming and thinking over those dreams and analyzing them while awake.

There is a phenomenon called ‘lucid dreaming’. A state of the subconscious where it works with the conscious and lets you control your dreams while sleeping. Though it needs high level of concentration, practice and meditation, you can achieve it. Lucid dreaming helps you realize your problems that are bothering you in real life, but you are not able to know what they are. It helps you realize what you truly want, what you truly desire and thus, helps you achieve the potential to reach your goals. Your subconscious is the most intelligent functioning part of your mind. Use it for your betterment and for spreading positivity around you. But remember to be careful and have a habit of meditation, ‘cause as you know…mind is a good servant and a bad master.

Yours faithfully,

A fellow dreamer.

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