A quick flashback of Dugra Puja 2017! Have a look.

Being an Indian monotony takes a toll on our lives every now and then. But we are used to breaking it or else why would we have so many festivals. Durga Puja, Durgotsava or Navratri as it is called, is one such festival when our merrymaking over food and culture kicks off. We are all well versed with the mythology encircling it. We know how Durga is a warrior goddess who killed the powerful shape shifting demon Mahishasura. However in the yester years, Historians have researched and claimed that Durga does not have Vedic roots. Instead centuries ago the tribal communities had started assimilating in the mainstream Hindu society. It made an impression on the society as a whole and that was when Durga began to be considered as a goddess by the Brahmins. Durga Puja began in late 18th century in West Bengal, as a mark of status for the Bengali Mercantile class. Nevertheless today its celebrations take place in many states throughout the country. Beautifully handcrafted statues of Durga are installed at various podiums throughout the country, with spellbinding light shows, drumming and aromatic food stalls. With changing times, celebrations too have evolved. This year in Delhi it is being celebrated in an eco-friendly manner. In Noida, Assamese community has celebrated Durga Puja and in U.P. the organizers are honouring female athletes from various sports.

Whether or not Durga is a Vedic goddess, her stories have established a legacy of heroism mong women in Hinduism. The folklores and stories that surround her are lessons saying that when misfortune befalls upon one, he/she must weather it with bravery and like a true warrior.

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