The Story Of An UN-ending Life.

 ‘Linkin Park lead vocalist Chester Bennington found dead at age 41’

Read the headlines everywhere.


Ten Days after Chester Bennington’s Death and it’s all subsided. The tears of family members, the wails of his friends and the cries of his fan, nothing can bring him back. Simply nothing.

His songs touched everybody. His songs inspired people going through a hard time. But did anybody know his story? Did anybody feel the pain behind his voice?

Certainly none paid a heed.

So, here I bring you a story which depicts such a frame of  mindset but a different end.


Disclaimer: This is non fictional. Any Resemblance to real life is purely intentional.


Everyone has their own story.
I have mine, too.
And, I don’t know where to start from. 
Everything is so messed up right now.
I feel I could end my life now and dwell in peace.

Dealing with a dysfunctional family is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of patience. Trust me , a lot. 
However there problem here isn’t really family. 
It is me. It is my mind. And mindlessly I escape into its wonderment. 
People say I suffer from ‘depression’ ,  but what I really feel is that I am just in need of some sleep. Even while writing this , I feel a bit sleepy-breezy-tipsy. 

I had led a perfectly normal life before. Good grades. Good boyfriend. Good family. My life lacked imperfections and now when every imperfection has dawned upon me, I don’t know what to do. 

You know what they say , good people get a good life. And so I’ve been ‘good’ all my life. Set aside the troubling thoughts and focused. But , trust me that has yielded into nothing. 

You would feel this is not an extraordinary story nor something​which people would like to read. But, to tell you the truth , this is the story of over 5crore people in our country. Study says , India is the most depressed country. 
But, why should you be bothered by that? You’re perfectly fine , right?

Before writing this , I knew​, it wouldn’t affect most of you. But I’m here for the ‘few’. 

I had felt I could end my life and dwell in peace. 

I couldn’t.

This is my story.

What do you think?

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