The Badass Sisters Of Bollywood lashing out on Hritik Roshan. Find out more.

Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel are the new age Badass sisters of Bollywood. These fiercely independent and unyielding women have fought patriarchy time and again. Nothing that has been said or written about them has ever broken their self esteem. Yet they refuse to conform to the expectations of other people.

Rangoli, who is also Kangana’s manager is an acid attack survived . Its incredible to see her stand tall and upright after the mental and physical trauma that she had battled. Kangana stood by her side in those adversities. It’s a full circle as we see her speaking up for her sister in the midst of the intimate battle between Hritik and Kangana.

She hit out on the 43 year old actor in a series of tweets calling him a stalker uncle, she also said that he was just trying to save his face by defaming Kangana. She continued by asking him to focus on his wife and children. These siblings have withstood all the storms they faced. Whatever may be the outcome of this controversy, the courage of these sisters is an inspiration. Certainly, sisters are our first friend and second mother.

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