The Culture Of Leaks.

In recent news, HBO just got hacked and the data of Game of Thrones was compromised. The 4th episode of Game of Thrones was leaked the day after the hacking took place. People went berserk and were willing to spend the next nine days instead of four, to watch the latest episode.

A bigger shock came after the incident took place and the Episode was released. On the bottom right corner of the frame of the Episode, there was ‘Star India’ watermark, and on the top left corner, was a ‘For Internal Viewing Only’ watermark. Now, this makes it clear that Star India was accountable for the online leak of the fourth Episode.

Now, the entertainment industry is not a neophyte when it comes to the content getting leaked online. Many big movies have been leaked in the past, which shows that people are growing more and more impatient everyday.

Several movie like the Hugh Jackman starrer X-men Origins: Wolverine, Jennifer Lawrence starrer “Joy”, Brad Pitt starrer “Fury”, Leonardo di Caprio starrer “Revenant” and many more, were all leaked much before their date of release. The entertainment companies associated with these movies somehow contained the hacking and avoided a loss of what could have been millions of dollars.

On an ending note, dear readers, I would like to say that the fourth episode, or rather the leaked episode of Game of Thrones was, as always, amazing, and it ended our prolonged period of waiting in 5 days.

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