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This Is What Happened When A Renowned Poet Told A Man Not To Urinate On The Road


“When I saw the conductor urinating, I made a sarcastic remark and said that he was was defying the cleanliness programme. He threatened me and started abusing me. I started walking and the bus started moving alongside me. The conductor told me to come inside,” Hindi documentary film maker and poet, Devi Prasad Mishra, told the Indian Express.

Mishra (60), unlike a lot of us, made an effort to shame a person who really needed to be shamed. He attempted to tell a person urinating on the road to not do it. He said what needed to be said. 

iStock Photo via Getty Images
iStock Photo via Getty Images

But for what good?

I remember telling an old lady to not throw plastic packets out of the local train. The way her smile instantaneously transformed into a frown signalled me to shut up.

However, for Mishra, it was worse. After throwing a ‘sarcastic remark’ at a DTC bus conductor, in east Delhi, Mishra started making a video of the bus’ registration number. Consequently, the conductor allegedly stepped out and started landing punches on Mishra.


Three people started beating me and when I started running away, the conductor screamed at me saying I will be run over by the bus. He said to me, ‘Saari netagiri nikal jayegi’. My face was swollen and my nose started to bleed. I made a PCR call and police took me to Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital,” Mishra told IE.


The Delhi Police, taking cognizance of the attack, have identified the bus driver and conductor as Yashpal and Kailash respectively. A case under sections 23 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint) of the IPC has been registered at the Ghazipur police station.

It’s incredible how people feel ashamed when somebody objects to their littering, pissing in and polluting public places and don’t feel ashamed while doing it. If only they embraced some sense instead of intolerance.

News Source: Indian Express

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