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TV Anchor Finds Out About Her Husband’s Death While Reading The Breaking News On Live TV

It was a very unfortunate day for TV Anchor, Supreet Kaur, who learned of her husband’s death while she was reading out the news live. In such tragic situation, she kept her composure and continued the live coverage, and set a matchless example of professionalism.

About fifteen minutes into the bulletin, Supreet began reading out the breaking news about a car accident in Mahasamund district. During the telecast, she consulted a local reporter to give further details. As the reporter revealed more about the accident, she discovered that her husband is one of the victims.

After realizing about her Husband’s death, Kaur continued reading the news for next ten minutes. Only once the cameras were off, did she break down.

Kaur’s husband was one of three people who died in the car accident. The police said,

There were five people in the Renault Duster vehicle that they were traveling in, and another unidentified vehicle, most likely a truck hit them from behind. The damage to the vehicle was terrible, and three people died, with two others grievously injured, all occupants of the vehicle. Harshad Kawade, a resident of Raipur was one of them.

The senior editor of IBC24  praised Kaur’s professionalism and deeply regretted this incident,

The channel was “extremely proud” of the way Kaur handled this most nightmarish of situations. It speaks volumes about her sense of duty and professionalism that she continued, and kept her calm for another ten minutes. The instant the cameras went off she began calling her relatives and broke down into tears. She left for the accident site after that. Kaur has worked with us for nine years, and is one of the most popular anchors in the state. She has a young daughter, and we stand with our colleague in her pain.

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