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Twin Pilots, born 30minutes apart land at Heathrow Airpot 30seconds apart on their last flight.

There’s something about being twins, right? It is something I feel (personally) is very unique. Not because I am a twin myself but I’ve come to discover that it is amazing to be with a person right from the womb to forever.

There’s one such case of twin brothers, Captains Jeremy and Nick Hart who arrived in the world 30 minutes apart, have both retired as airline pilots by landing their final flights just 30 seconds apart on Heathrow Airport. They’ve been very supportive of each other at every point of life.



Working for British Airways for the last five years the two brothers have not flown together anytime because they both were at an equivalent senior rank.

Even though they aren’t identical twins, they’re similar in most of the aspects. Having similar voices, looks and professions, they can be easily mistaken for one another.

Jeremy, who landed an Airbus A320 at 12:34 BST from Gothenburg, Sweden, said: “I’ve spent more than two and-a-half years in the air – a lot of it in the holding pattern over Heathrow.”

Nick, who flew from Geneva, landing at 12:35, said: “I’ve done 28 years short-haul flying. That’s about 11,000 flights. It’s at least 1.2 million passengers.”

British Airways’ head Airbus pilot James Basnett said: “They arrived in the world 30 minutes apart, flew the same aircraft in the same airline, and then departed in the same manner that they arrived”. Minutes apart.

This end to their professional journey was really a unique one and having a wonderful end to one’s career with the most dearest person is what everyone desires , but only a few get it.

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