Uber’s initiative for the National Deaf Awareness month in US.

The USA has always been ahead of the world in development, be it in terms of technology, environment or adaptability. They’ve come to terms with accepting and adapting the specially challenged and have even declared different days, weeks and months of the year as the awareness months for the mass. During these awareness months/days, they make sure that every class of the citizens get the message, by sending out posters and pictures in print and digital media, and making little amendments for the betterment of the challenged.

Like September, is the National Deaf Awareness Month in the US. This year, it was given a good spotlight by Uber. Since, Uber has been appointing hearing impaired drivers in America, this September, it added new features in its main app, that offer some basic sign language tips for riders to communicate with the drivers who are hearing impaired. They can easily learn basic signs like “hello” and “thank you” with that feature. There’s also a provision with which the users can learn to spell their name, in the American sign language.

Acts like these show us that technology can be, and is being used for the good of the people. A big round of applause for Uber Technologies!

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