World’s Least Visited Country, But Very Beautiful. Know More About It.

United Nations World Tourism Organisation reported that Tuvalu is world’s least visited country. Thus, many of you might not know Tuvalu.

But let me tell you, this beautiful group of 9 islands are heavenly.

Tuvalu, in the South Pacific, is an independent island nation. It lies about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. However, despite having a warm tropical weather and picturesque locations only 2000 people visited Tuvalu in 2016.

The main drawback which Tuvalu faces is its architectural development .The population here is around 10,000 people having rich cultural and traditional values. You can watch traditional dancing, basket weaving and woodcarving by local people. Its diverse habitat makes it an ideal place for scuba diving or snorkeling to spot marine life.

Although having a nice paradisaical and beachy-vibe , The Tuvalu islands are said to be ones disappearing in the next century due to rising sea level.

The South Pacific Islands are really undiscovered jewels.

Look at these amazing pictures of Tuvalu and plan to visit it once before the ocean seeks its own level.


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